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    We are entering in NYCC club jersey design competition 2013.

    The winning designer will receive a complimentary jersey, and the pleasure of seeing his/her work on the road in large numbers!

    -Today we have entered the NYCC Club Jersey design competition and hopeful of being in the final three designs that make it to the final round where club members get to vote.

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    Audi US Marketing division expresses interest in supporting the RH1.

    After our attending Miami Art Basel and seeing Audi’s sponsorship of the design exhibit we contacted their US marketing division in the hopes of having RH1 as part of Audi’s exhibit in next year’s event. While that is unlikely Audi has expressed interest in doing a magazine feature on our project. More to come.


    CORE77 Design Award Competition

    RH1 has been entered in CORE77’s Design Awards competition in the Speculative Design category. The category as described covers “All conceptual or proposal designs, whether self-initiated for further insight, discourse, intervention or exploration, or created as speculative designs for a client or educational institution. Examples include: future scenarios, design explorations, provocations, visionary concepts, etc. Award winners to be announced.

    -We did not win.